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The goal of our strategic recruitment process is to deliver value to every company we represent and to support you attract top leadership and to create agile, inclusive people's organisations that are prepared to meet strategic business objectives. They seek to understand the strategic objectives of each company, the unique leadership roles and competencies needed to meet such objectives, and the environment that new managers need to represent.

Our executive recruiting experts have the experience and resources to best support our mission. We leverage our high-level expert networks, industry knowledge and internal analytical tools to identify the right candidates. To remain on the cutting edge of talent management, we are continuously monitoring important developments in the international talent industry and actively innovating our offerings and methodology.

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We ensure that we will provide the right job for our candidates. Before selecting a candidate for any client, we always start with a detailed understanding of what clients want and document each need with clarity. Our domain consultants shortlisted the candidates, checked their resumes and interviewed them first (by phone or in person) to ensure that the candidates met and understood a comprehensive job description, the required standards, the business culture of the clients and expectations. Only when all the requirements suit the client's condition that we submit a few chosen resumes to the client for final interview and choice. That is how we can commit Right job for Right People.

Squirrel Delphi means High Success Rate of Recruitment Guaranteed. To ensure this Squirrel Delphi brings job providers through outsourcing. Provider may have their own products or assume the personnel, equipment, methodologies and reporting of the client. In all instances, the company differs greatly from suppliers such as staffing companies and contingent / retained hiring firms in that it takes control of the development and operation of the recruitment process and accountability for the performance.

International companies are looking at recruiting expertise from India, recognizing the diversity and technical skill of Indian talent that has been tested and established beyond any doubt in recent years. Field awareness, multi-tasking, adaptability and experience of working in a competitive Indian market are factors that lead Multi-NationalCompanies to search for Indian talent. Squirrel Delphi is well placed to meet the needs of this market owing to its innovative and successful role in Consultancy & Selection in India.

Squirrel Delphi has been delivering customized end-to-end placement and Resource Augmentation solutions to large multinational and Indian companies in India. We also grown as a respected recruitment affiliate to draw the best available resources to our customers, and we have over 200 full-time professionals. This can be possible only because of our Tie Ups with Reputed SME’s.

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